Задаем вопросы

Are you John Brown?
- Yes, I am John Brown.
- No, I am not John Brown.
Are you a doctor?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not a doctor.
Are you a tourist here?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not a tourist here.
Are you a writer?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not a writer.
Are you his brother?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not his brother.

Are you students?
- Yes, WE are / No, WE are not students.
Are you journalists?
- Yes, WE are / No, WE are not journalists.
Are you friends?
- Yes, WE are / No, WE are not friends.
Are you robots?
- Yes, WE are / No, WE are not robots.
Are you happy?
- Yes, I am happy.
- No, I am not happy.
Are you sad?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not sad.
Are you serious?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not serious.
Are you cold?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not cold.
Are you hot?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not hot.

Are you Japanese?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not Japanese.
Are you Spanish?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not Spanish.
Are you French?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not French.
Are you Polish?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not Polish.
Are you at work?
- Yes, I am at work.
- No, I am not at work.
Are you at school?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not at school.
Are you in your room?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not in my room.
Are you in bed?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not in bed.
Are you on the sofa?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not on the sofa.

Are you from Japan?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not from Japan.
Are you from Spain?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not from Spain.
Are you in France?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not in France.
Are you from Poland?
- Yes, I am / No, I am not from Poland.
Are we/they the Browns?
- Yes, we/they are the Browns.
- No, we/they are not the Browns.
Are we/they doctors?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not doctors.
Are we/they tourists here?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not tourists here.
Are we/they writerss?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not writers.
Are we/they his brothers?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not his brothers.

Are we/they students?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not doctors.
Are we/they journalists?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not doctors.
Are we/they friends?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not doctors.
Are we/they robots?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not doctors.
Are we/they happy?
- Yes, we/they are happy.
- No, we/they are not happy.
Are we/they sad?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not sad.
Are we/they serious?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not serious.
Are we/they cold?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not cold.
Are we/they hot?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not hot.

Are we/they Japanese?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not Japanese.
Are we/they Spanish?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not Spanish.
Are we/they French?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not French.
Are we/they Polish?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not Polish.
Are we/they at work?
- Yes, we/they are at work.
- No, we/they are not at work.
Are we/they at school?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not at school.
Are we/they in our/their room?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not in our/their room.
Are we/they in bed?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not in bed.
Are we/they on the sofa?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not on the sofa.

Are we/they from Japan?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not from Japan.
Are we/they from Spain?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not from Spain.
Are we/they in France?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not in France.
Are we/they from Poland?
- Yes, we/they are / No, we/they are not from Poland.
Is he/she Mr/Mrs Brown?
- Yes, he/she is Mr/Mrs Brown.
- No, he/she is not Mr/Mrs Brown.
Is he/she a doctor?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not a doctor.
Is he/she a tourist here?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not a tourist here.
Is he/she a writer?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not a writer.
Is he/she his/her brother?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not his/her brother.

Is he/she a student?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not a student.
Is he/she a journalist?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not a journalist.
Is he/she your friend?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not my friend.
Is he/she a robot?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not a robot.
Is he/she happy?
- Yes, we/they are happy.
- No, we/they are not happy.
Is he/she sad?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not sad.
Is he/she serious?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not serious.
Is he/she cold?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not cold.
Is he/she hot?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not hot.

Is he/she Japanese?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not Japanese.
Is he/she Spanish?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not Spanish.
Is he/she French?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not French.
Is he/she Polish?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not Polish.
Is he/she at work?
- Yes, he/she are at work.
- No, he/she are not at work.
Is he/she at school?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not at school.
Is he/she in his/her room?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not in his/her room.
Is he/she in bed?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not in bed.
Is he/she on the sofa?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not on the sofa.

Is he/she from Japan?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not from Japan.
Is he/she from Spain?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not from Spain.
Is he/she in France?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not in France.
Is he/she from Poland?
- Yes, he/she is / No, he/she is not from Poland.

AN ACTOR / ACTRESS (актер / актриса) - a person that acts in a play or a movie
AN ARCHITECT (архитектор) - a person that designs building and houses.
AN ASTRONOMER (астроном) - a person who studies the stars and the universe
AN AUTHOR (автор) - They write books or novels.
A BAKER (пекарь) - They make bread and cakes and normally work in a bakery.
A BRICKLAYER (каменщик) - a person that helps to build houses using bricks.
A BUS DRIVER (водитель автобуса) - a person that drives buses.
A BUTCHER (мясник) - a person that works with meat. They cut the meat and sell it in their shop.
A CARPENTER (плотник) - a person that makes things from wood including houses and furniture.
A CHEF / COOK (щеф-повар / повар) - a person that prepared food for others, often in a restaurant or café.
A CLEANER (уборщица) - a person that cleans/tidies an area or place (such as in an office)
A DENTIST (зубной врач) - a person that can fix problems you have with your teeth.
A DOCTOR (врач) - a person you go to see when you are ill or have some type of health problem.
A DUSTMAN / REFUSE COLLECTOR (сборщик мусора) - a person that collects trash/rubbish from bins in the street.
An ELECTRICIAN (электрик) - a person that works with electric circuits.
An ENGINEER (инженер) - a person who develops solutions to technical problems. They sometimes design, build, or maintain engines, machines, structures or public works.
A FACTORY WORKER (заводской рабочий) - a person that works in a factory.
A FARMER (фермер) - a person that works on a farm, usually with animals.
A FIREMAN / FIRE FIGHTER (пожарный)- a person that puts out fires.
A FISHERMAN (рыбак) - a person that catches fish
A FLORIST (флорист) - a person that works with flowers.
A GARDENER (садовник) - a person that keeps gardens clean and tidy. They take care of the plants in the garden.
A HAIRDRESSER (парикмахер) - they cut your hair or give it a new style.
A JOURNALIST (журналист) - a person that makes new reports in writing or through television.
A JUDGE (судья) - a qualified person that decides cases in a law court.
A LAWYER (адвокат) - a person that defends people in court and gives legal advice.
A LECTURER (лектор) -a person that gives lectures, usually in a university.
A LIBRARIAN (библиотекарь) - a person that works in a library.
A LIFEGUARD (спасатель) - a person that saves lives where people swim (at a beach or swimming pool).
A MECHANIC (механик) - a person that repairs machines, especially car motors.
A MODEL (модель) - a (usually attractive) person that works in fashion, modeling clothes and accessories.
A NEWSREADER (диктор) - a person that reads the news, normally on television.
A NURSE (медсестра) - a person trained to help a doctor look after the sick or injured.
An OPTICIAN (офтальмолог) - a person that checks your eyes and try and correct any problems with your sight.
A PAINTER (художник) - a person that paints pictures or the interior and exterior of buildings.
A PHARMACIST (фармаколог) - a qualified person that works with and dispenses medicine.
A PHOTOGRAPHER (фотограф) - a person that takes photos.
A PILOT (пилот) - a person who flies a plane.
A PLUMBER (сантехник) - a person that repairs your water systems or pipes.
A POLITICIAN (политик) - a person who works in politics.
A POLICEMAN / POLICEWOMAN (полицейский / женщина-полицейский)- a member of the police force. They (try and) prevent crime.
A POSTMAN (почтальон) - a person that delivers mail to your house.
A REAL ESTATE AGENT (риэлтор)- a person that makes money from selling land for development.
A RECEPTIONIST (администратор)- a person that is at the reception (entrance) of a company.
A SCIENTIST (ученый)- a person that works in the science industry. They do many experiments.
A SECRETARY (секретарь) - a person employed in an office who types letters, keeps records etc.
A SHOP ASSISTANT (продавец) - a person that works in a shop or store selling products.
A SOLDIER (солдат) - a person who works for the army.
A TAILOR - (портной) a person that makes clothes for others, many times producing exclusive items of clothing.
A TAXI DRIVER (водитель такси) - a person who drives a taxi.
A TEACHER (учитель) - a person that passes knowledge to students, usually at school.
A TRANSLATOR (переводчик) - a person that translates from one language to another.
A TRAFFIC WARDEN (работник дорожной полиции) - a person that patrols areas to check that people do not park in the wrong place.
A TRAVEL AGENT (туристический агент)- a person that organises and sells holidays and flights for others.
A VETERINARY DOCTOR (VET) (ветеринарный врач)- a qualified person that looks after sick animals.
A WAITER / WAITRESS (официант / официантка)- a person that works in a food outlet, looking after customers and serving food.
A WINDOW CLEANER (мойщик окон) - a person that cleans windows, normally the windows of big buildings.

able, capable - unable, incapableспособный - неспособный
absent - presentотсутствующий - присутствующий
accurate - inaccurateверный, точный - неверный, неточный
active, energetic - inactive, passiveактивный, энергичный - бездействующий, пассивный
attentive - inattentiveвнимательный - невнимательный
awkward, clumsy - gracefulнеловкий, неуклюжий - грациозный, изящный
beautiful, handsome, attractive, good-looking, pretty - uglyкрасивый, привлекательный, с приятной внешностью, хорошенький - безобразный
best - worstлучший - худший
big, large - little, smallбольшой - маленький
brave, bold - afraid, frightenedхрабрый, смелый - боящийся, испуганный
bright, colorful (BrE: colourful) - dull, colorless (BrE: colourless)яркий, красочный - тусклый, бесцветный
busy, occupied - freeзанятый - свободный
calm, quiet - noisy, excitedспокойный, тихий - шумный, взволнованный
careful, cautious - careless, inattentiveосмотрительный, осторожный - невнимательный
cheerful, merry - gloomy, sadрадостный, веселый - мрачный, печальный
clean, neat - dirtyчистый, опрятный - грязный
clear - not clear, unclearясный - неясный
clever - foolish, silly, stupidсообразительный, умный - глупый, тупой
cold, cool - hot, warmхолодный, прохладный - горячий, теплый
comfortable, cozy (BrE: cosy) - uncomfortableудобный, комфортабельный, уютный - неудобный
confident, sure - not sureуверенный - не уверенный
convenient - inconvenientудобный, подходящий - неудобный, неподходящий
correct - incorrect, wrongправильный - неправильный
crazy, mad - reasonable, sensibleсумасшедший - разумный, здравый
cruel, merciless - kind, humaneжестокий, безжалостный - добрый, гуманный
dangerous - safeопасный - безопасный, в безопасности
dead - aliveмертвый - живой
decent - indecentприличный, порядочный - неприличный
deep - shallowглубокий - мелкий
definite, clear - vague, indefiniteопределенный, ясный - неясный, неопределенный
delicious, tasty - tasteless, inedibleвкусный - безвкусный, несъедобный
different - the same, similarразный - одинаковый, похожий
difficult, hard - easyтрудный - легкий
dry - wetсухой - мокрый
eager, willing - reluctantстрастно желающий, желающий - неохотный
early - lateранний - поздний
economical (person; use; car)экономный; экономичный
educated - uneducated, ignorantобразованный - необразованный, невежественный
empty - fullпустой - полный
even, smooth - rough, unevenровный, гладкий - неровный, негладкий
evident, obvious, clear - vague, unclearочевидный, явный, ясный - неясный
expensive, valuable - inexpensive, cheapдорогой, дорогостоящий, ценный - недорогой, дешевый
experienced, qualified - inexperienced, unqualifiedопытный, квалифицированный - неопытный, неквалифицированный
fair, just - unfair, unjustсправедливый - несправедливый
faithful, loyal - unfaithful, disloyalверный, преданный - неверный
famous, well-known - unknownзнаменитый, известный - неизвестный
far, distant - near, closeдалекий, отдаленный - близкий
fast, quick - slowбыстрый - медленный
female (child; elephant; workers) женский, женского пола
feminine (dress; delicacy; voice); (ling.) feminine genderженский, женственный, свойственный женщинам; (лингв.) женский род
fine, refined - common, ordinaryтонкий, утонченный - обычный, обыкновенный
firm, stable - shaky, unstableтвердый, устойчивый - шаткий, неустойчивый
first - lastпервый - последний
flexible - rigid, inflexibleгибкий - негнущийся, негибкий
foreign - domestic, localиностранный - отечественный, местный
frequent - rareчастый - редкий
fresh - staleсвежий - несвежий
friendly - unfriendly, hostileдружелюбный - недружелюбный, враждебный
front - back, rearпередний - задний
funny, amusing - seriousсмешной, забавный, занимательный - серьезный
general - specialобщий - специальный, особый
generous - greedyщедрый - жадный
gentle, soft, mild, tender - rough, severeмягкий, нежный - грубый, суровый
good, nice, pleasant - bad, unpleasantхороший, приятный - плохой, неприятный
happy, glad - unhappy, sadсчастливый, довольный - несчастный, печальный
hard - softтвердый - мягкий
heavy - lightтяжелый - легкий
high - lowвысокий - низкий
historic (moment; speech; event) исторический, исторически важный
historical (fact; novel; event) исторический, имевший место в истории, связанный с историей
honest, truthful, sincere - dishonest, insincereчестный, правдивый, искренний - нечестный, неискренний
huge, enormous - small, tinyогромный, громадный - маленький, крохотный
important, significant - unimportant, insignificantважный, значительный - неважный, незначительный
independent, free - not freeнезависимый, свободный - не свободный
intelligent, wise - foolish, stupidумный, мудрый - глупый, тупой
interested, curious - indifferent, boredзаинтересованный, любопытный - безразличный, скучающий
interesting - dull, boringинтересный - скучный
kind - unkind, strictдобрый - недобрый, строгий
lazy - hard-workingленивый - работящий
light - darkсветлый - темный
long - short, briefдлинный - короткий, краткий
loud, noisy - quiet, softгромкий, шумный - тихий, приглушенный
lucky, fortunate - unlucky, unfortunateудачный, удачливый - неудачный, невезучий
magnificent - shabby, miserableвеликолепный, величественный - убогий, жалкий
main, chief - secondary, additionalглавный, основной - второстепенный, дополнительный
male (child; elephant; workers) мужской, мужского пола
masculine (features; strength; voice); (ling.) masculine genderмужской, мужественный, свойственный мужчинам; (лингв.) мужской род
narrow - wideузкий - широкий
natural - unnaturalестественный - неестественный
necessary, required - unnecessaryнеобходимый, обязательный - ненужный
nervous, worried - calmнервный, обеспокоенный - спокойный
new, modern - old, old-fashionedновый, современный - старый, старомодный
noble - meanблагородный - подлый
original - ordinary, banalоригинальный - обычный, банальный
outstanding, remarkable - ordinaryвыдающийся, замечательный - обычный
patient - impatientтерпеливый - нетерпеливый
polite - impolite, rudeвежливый - невежливый, грубый
positive - negativeположительный - отрицательный
possible - impossibleвозможный - невозможный
previous, former - nextпредыдущий, бывший - следующий
proud - modestгордый - скромный
ready - not readyготовый - не готовый
real - unrealреальный - нереальный
real, genuine - artificial, fakeнастоящий, подлинный - искусственный, поддельный
reasonable, sensible, logical - unreasonable, illogical, absurd, crazyразумный, здравый, логичный - неразумный, нелогичный, абсурдный, сумасшедший
reliable, dependable - unreliableнадежный - ненадежный
rich, wealthy - poorбогатый, состоятельный - бедный
right - leftправый - левый
right, correct, true - wrong, incorrect, not true, falseправильный, верный - неправильный, неверный, ложный
round - square, triangularкруглый - квадратный, треугольный
selfish, egoistic - unselfishэгоистичный - неэгоистичный, бескорыстный
sharp - dull, bluntострый - тупой
shy - confident, self-confidentробкий, застенчивый - уверенный, самоуверенный
sick, ill - healthyбольной - здоровый
simple - complex, complicatedпростой - сложный, усложненный
single, unmarried - marriedхолостой, неженатый, незамужняя - женатый, замужняя
strange, unusual - normal, usualстранный, необычный - нормальный, обычный
strong, tough - weak, delicate, fragileсильный, крепкий - слабый, нежный, хрупкий
sufficient, enough - insufficient, not enoughдостаточный - недостаточный
suitable, appropriate - unsuitable, inappropriateподходящий - неподходящий
surprising, amazing - ordinaryудивительный, изумительный - обычный
sweet - sour, bitter, saltyсладкий - кислый, горький, соленый
tall - shortвысокий - низкий (о росте)
tense - relaxedнапряженный - расслабленный
thick, fat - thin, slimтолстый, жирный - тонкий, стройный
transparent - not transparentпрозрачный - непрозрачный
true - not true, falseверный - неверный, ложный
understandable - not understandable, not clearпонятный - непонятный, неясный
useful, helpful - uselessполезный - бесполезный
whole, complete, full - incomplete, limitedцелый, полный - неполный, ограниченный
young - middle-aged, oldмолодой - среднего возраста, старый

Prepositions of Place Предлоги места

at home
at school
at work
at hospital
at the corner
at the bus stop
on the table
on the floor
on the roof
on the wall
on the bench
on the book
on the chair
in the park
in the cinema
in the house
in the bag
in the forest
in the river
in the sky
in the street
in the country
in the garden
by the lake
by the window
near the house
under the tree
behind the car


Предлоги места в английском языке обозначают положение в пространстве и направление, они являются наиболее употребимыми предлогами.

В таблице ниже приведены английские предлоги места с их значениями и примерами.

Предлог Значение Пример
in - в пределах какого-либо пространства, объекта или предмета - in the kitchen (на кухне)
- in London (в Лондоне)
- in the book (в книге)
- in the car (в машине)
- in the world (в мире)
at - нахождение (у чего-либо, в, при, на, за и т.п.) - at the station (на вокзале)
- at the table (за столом)
- at the party (на вечере)
- at the cinema (в кинотеатре)
- также может означать близость объекта(рядом с, недалеко от, и т.п.) - at the door (у двери, рядом с дверью)
on - на какой-либо поверхности, на чем-либо - the picture on the wall (картина на стене)
- London lies on the Thames (Лондон расположен на Темзе)
- on the table (на столе)
- для обозначения стороны (левая, правая) - on the left (слева, на левой стороне)
- на каком-либо этаже здания - on the first floor (на первом этаже)
- со словами радио, телевидение - on TV (по телевизору)
- on the radio (по радио)
by, next to, beside - в непосредственной близости от кого-либо или чего-либо - Jane is standing by / next to / beside the car. (Джейн стоит рядом с машиной.)
under - расположенный под чем-либо или ниже чего-либо - the bag is under the table (сумка под столом)
below - расположенный ниже уровня чего-либо - the fish are below the surface (рыба под водой)
over - положение поверх чего-либо - put on a jacket over your shirt (надеть куртку поверх рубашки)
- движение поверх чего-либо - fly over the ocean (лететь над океаном)
- поверх и через что-либо - climb over the wall (перелезть через стену)
above - выше чего-либо - a path above the lake (тропа над озером)
across - на другой стороне или на другую сторону - swim across the river (плыть через реку)
through - проходить сквозь, входить с одной, а выходить с противоположной стороны чего-либо - drive through the tunnel (проезжать через тоннель)
to - в направлении кого-либо или чего-либо - go to the cinema (идти в кинотеатр)
- go to London (ехать в Лондон)
- со словом bed (кровать) - go to bed (ложиться спать)
into - движение внутрь чего-либо - go into the house (войти в дом)
towards - идти в направлении чего-либо или кого-либо, без достижения цели - go 5 steps towards the house (пройти 5 шагов в направлении дома)
onto - движение к вершине чего-либо - jump onto the table (прыгнуть на стол)
from - исходная точка, откуда-либо - a flower from the garden (цветок из сада)


Countries and Nationality Vocabulary

This chart lists many of the countries or nations in the world, with the following information:

  • name of country
  • adjective used for that country (also describes nationality)
  • noun used for a person from that country

Look at these example sentences:

  • She comes from France.
  • She is French.
  • Her nationality is French.
  • She is a Frenchwoman.
  • She drives a French car.
  • She speaks French.
AfghanistanAfghanan Afghan
AlbaniaAlbanianan Albanian
AlgeriaAlgerianan Algerian
AndorraAndorranan Andorran
AngolaAngolanan Angolan
ArgentinaArgentinianan Argentinian
ArmeniaArmenianan Armenian
AustraliaAustralianan Australian
AustriaAustrianan Austrian
AzerbaijanAzerbaijanian Azerbaijani
BahamasBahamiana Bahamian
BahrainBahrainia Bahraini
BangladeshBangladeshia Bangladeshi
BarbadosBarbadiana Barbadian
BelarusBelarusian or Belarusana Belarusian or a Belarusan
BelgiumBelgiana Belgian
BelizeBelizeana Belizean
BeninBeninesea Beninese
BhutanBhutanesea Bhutanese
BoliviaBoliviana Bolivian
Bosnia-HerzegovinaBosniana Bosnian
BotswanaBotswanana Tswana
BrazilBraziliana Brazilian
BritainBritisha Briton
BruneiBruneiana Bruneian
BulgariaBulgariana Bulgarian
BurkinaBurkinesea Burkinese
Burma (official name Myanmar)Burmesea Burmese
BurundiBurundiana Burundian
CambodiaCambodiana Cambodian
CameroonCamerooniana Cameroonian
CanadaCanadiana Canadian
Cape Verde IslandsCape Verdeana Cape Verdean
ChadChadiana Chadian
ChileChileana Chilean
ChinaChinesea Chinese
ColombiaColombiana Colombian
CongoCongolesea Congolese
Costa RicaCosta Ricana Costa Rican
CroatiaCroat or Croatiana Croat or a Croatian
CubaCubana Cuban
CyprusCypriota Cypriot
Czech RepublicCzecha Czech
DenmarkDanisha Dane
DjiboutiDjiboutiana Djiboutian
DominicaDominicana Dominican
Dominican RepublicDominicana Dominican
EcuadorEcuadoreanan Ecuadorean
EgyptEgyptianan Egyptian
El SalvadorSalvadoreana Salvadorean
EnglandEnglishan Englishman, an Englishwoman
EritreaEritreanan Eritrean
EstoniaEstonianan Estonian
EthiopiaEthiopianan Ethiopian
FijiFijiana Fijian
FinlandFinnisha Finn
FranceFrencha Frenchman, a Frenchwoman
GabonGabonesea Gabonese
Gambia, theGambiana Gambian
GeorgiaGeorgiana Georgian
GermanyGermana German
GhanaGhanaiana Ghanaian
GreeceGreeka Greek
GrenadaGrenadiana Grenadian
GuatemalaGuatemalana Guatemalan
GuineaGuineana Guinean
GuyanaGuyanesea Guyanese
HaitiHaitiana Haitian
Holland (also Netherlands)Dutcha Dutchman, a Dutchwoman
HondurasHondurana Honduran
HungaryHungariana Hungarian
IcelandIcelandican Icelander
IndiaIndianan Indian
IndonesiaIndonesianan Indonesian
IranIranianan Iranian
IraqIraqian Iraqi
Ireland, Republic ofIrishan Irishman, an Irishwoman
ItalyItalianan Italian
JamaicaJamaicana Jamaican
JapanJapanesea Japanese
JordanJordaniana Jordanian
KazakhstanKazakha Kazakh
KenyaKenyana Kenyan
KuwaitKuwaitia Kuwaiti
LaosLaotiana Laotian
LatviaLatviana Latvian
LebanonLebanesea Lebanese
LiberiaLiberiana Liberian
LibyaLibyana Libyan
Liechtenstein-a Liechtensteiner
LithuaniaLithuaniana Lithuanian
Luxembourg-a Luxembourger
MacedoniaMacedoniana Macedonian
MadagascarMalagasy or Madagascana Malagasy or a Madagascan
MalawiMalawiana Malawian
MalaysiaMalaysiana Malaysian
MaldivesMaldiviana Maldivian
MaliMaliana Malian
MaltaMaltesea Maltese
MauritaniaMauritaniana Mauritanian
MauritiusMauritiana Mauritian
MexicoMexicana Mexican
MoldovaMoldovana Moldovan
MonacoMonégasque or Monacana Monégasque or a Monacan
MongoliaMongoliana Mongolian
MontenegroMontenegrina Montenegrin
MoroccoMoroccana Moroccan
MozambiqueMozambicana Mozambican
Myanmar see Burma--
NamibiaNamibiana Namibian
NepalNepalesea Nepalese
Netherlands, the (see Holland)Dutcha Dutchman, a Dutchwoman, or a Netherlander
New ZealandNew Zealand (used attributively only, as in New Zealand butter but not He is New Zealand)a New Zealander
NicaraguaNicaraguana Nicaraguan
NigerNigeriena Nigerien
NigeriaNigeriana Nigerian
North KoreaNorth Koreana North Korean
NorwayNorwegiana Norwegian
OmanOmanian Omani
PakistanPakistania Pakistani
PanamaPanamaniana Panamanian
Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinean or Guineana Papua New Guinean or a Guinean
ParaguayParaguayana Paraguayan
PeruPeruviana Peruvian
the PhilippinesPhilippinea Filipino
PolandPolisha Pole
PortugalPortuguesea Portuguese
QatarQataria Qatari
RomaniaRomaniana Romanian
RussiaRussiana Russian
RwandaRwandana Rwandan
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabian or Saudia Saudi Arabian or a Saudi
ScotlandScottisha Scot
SenegalSenegalesea Senegalese
SerbiaSerb or Serbiana Serb or a Serbian
Seychelles, theSeychelloisa Seychellois
Sierra LeoneSierra Leoniana Sierra Leonian
SingaporeSingaporeana Singaporean
SlovakiaSlovaka Slovak
SloveniaSlovene or Sloveniana Slovene or a Slovenian
Solomon Islands-a Solomon Islander
SomaliaSomalia Somali
South AfricaSouth Africana South African
South KoreaSouth Koreana South Korean
SpainSpanisha Spaniard
Sri LankaSri Lankana Sri Lankan
SudanSudanesea Sudanese
SurinameSurinamesea Surinamer or a Surinamese
SwazilandSwazia Swazi
SwedenSwedisha Swede
SwitzerlandSwissa Swiss
SyriaSyriana Syrian
TaiwanTaiwanesea Taiwanese
TajikistanTajik or Tadjika Tajik or a Tadjik
TanzaniaTanzaniana Tanzanian
ThailandThaia Thai
TogoTogolesea Togolese
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidadian
TunisiaTunisiana Tunisian
TurkeyTurkisha Turk
TurkmenistanTurkmen or Turkomana Turkmen or a Turkoman
TuvaluTuvaluana Tuvaluan
UgandaUgandana Ugandan
UkraineUkrainiana Ukrainian
United Kingdom (UK)UK (used attributively only, as in UK time but not He is UK) or Britisha Briton
United States of America (USA)US (used attributively only, as in US aggression but not He is US)a US citizen
UruguayUruguayana Uruguayan
UzbekistanUzbekan Uzbek
Vatican City--
VenezuelaVenezuelana Venezuelan
VietnamVietnamesea Vietnamese
WalesWelsha Welshman, a Welshwoman
Western SamoaWestern Samoana Western Samoan
YemenYemenia Yemeni
ZaireZaïreana Zaïrean
ZambiaZambiana Zambian
ZimbabweZimbabweana Zimbabwean